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Danielle Devine

In my early 20s, I started my soul-searching journey. I attended Southwest Institute for the Healing Arts where I studied Massage therapy, body work, and energy healing modalities. Eventually that led me into studying yoga. I attended my first 200 hour yoga training in Scottsdale Arizona, where I learned Ashtanga and Yin yoga. A few years later, I wanted to study how to help students modify poses due to limitation‘s in their physical bodies. Next, I studied Iyengar Yoga to help students adapt poses to fit their bodies and meet themselves where they are at. After 20+ years of practice, I wanted more information and I started searching. I came across Anand Mehrotta, Sattva Yoga Academy, a master from the Himalayas. I made my pilgrimage to study with him to learn the integrative approach of yoga. He shares the Integrative approach of yoga with his students to help us grow, expand, and raise our consciousness in the direction of love.  My life has forever changed because of these teachings. I hope to share these practices with you to expand your heart and consciousness into the deepest  knowing of yourself. I am a forever a student looking to expand and be playful while I’m living in this human form.
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Courtney Drury

Courtney has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and through her travels has had the experience of practicing both here and abroad. Her first yoga class was with Dariel Woltz of Studio Panterra in Westfield, NY, and from there the seed had been planted. When studying at the University of Hawaii she practiced at an Iyengar studio in the Manoa Valley. When her studies and work brought her to Japan, she continued to develop her practice and love of Yoga. In 2012 she completed her first 200hr YTT at the Satchidananda Ashram in Virginia, and began teaching at Eight Limbs. She recently participated in another 200hr YTT with her first teacher, Dariel, at Panterra and hopes to continue her lifelong yogic journey.

Karen Heckel-Marmorato

I discovered yoga in 2005 when my son went to college. I was no longer going with him to wrestling practice every night and tournaments every weekend. It was time for a new chapter. I knew nothing about yoga. For the longest time when the teacher would say Namaste I thought they where saying have a nice day. Yoga started out as a physical asana practice. I was there for a work out, going to Bikram class 7 times a week multiple times a day. My first teacher training was Baron Baptiste Hot Power Yoga teacher training level one in 2007. I loved yoga, the teachers, the students. I wanted to learn more. A friend told me to take class at a studio close to my home with a Jivamukti teacher. I said what is Jivamukti? The rest is history. I fell in Love with the Jivamukti method and my teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life! In 2008 I completed the month long 300 hour teacher training. In 2010 I completed Jivamukti 800 hour apprenticeship program. I was honored to teach at Jivamukti in NYC and NJ where I meet many great students, friends, teachers, including my spiritual teacher/adviser/friend Joshua M. Greene who opened up the world of Bhakti. My chanting,cooking, ayurvedic teacher/friend Divya Alter, who has opened the world of ayurvedic teachings, family and friends. The yoga teacher is always a student. Some studies include Jivamukti, The Bhakti Center NYC, Omega NY, Satchidanananda Ashram Yogaville, Prana Center Ca., The Himalayan Institute Pa. My husband and I moved to Lakewood this summer to be closer to our son and daughter-in-law. We look forward to becoming part of and contributing to the community. I look forward to being part of the Eight Limbs family, teaching students, sharing knowledge and making friends. Loka Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.

Tara Graham, 500hr EYT

Throughout her life, Tara has been fascinated by the MindBody connection. She discovered yoga over twenty years ago and was drawn to teaching it because in spite of its complexity, it is accessible to all. Over the years, she has learned to incorporate the concepts and practice of yoga as part of a holistic living experience and embodies a yoga-inspired lifestyle. Her dedication to her daily practice enables her to speak from the wisdom of the tradition and provide students with practical guidance to enhance their lifestyle and cultivate well-being in modern life. Her background as a Wellness Educator and Holistic Nutritionist informs her understanding of the MindBody relationship and the empowerment of yoga to invite an awareness of steadiness, strength, and acceptance which results in improving emotional, mental and physical balance. She has been a student for over 20 years and has studied asana, meditation, philosophy, and Sanskrit with many respected teachers. She has been teaching since 2010 and was initiated in the Himalayan tradition in 2016. Inspired to delve deeper into the tantra tradition as well as broaden her knowledge, Tara pursued additional certifications in Ayurveda, YinYoga, Restorative Yoga, and meditation. A life-long learner, Tara continues to delve into and apply the philosophy of yoga and the development of yoga practices on and off the mat. She recently completed a yearlong MindBody Therapy certification and is currently taking courses in Yoga Therapy. Tara’s unique style integrates somatic awareness, postural alignment, and philosophy to draw the student into an inner experience of self-inquiry. She incorporates asanas, pranayama and meditation with awareness and anatomical guidance to draw the student into the connection of yoga and the self. Her creative approach uses yoga as a vital, powerful, and compassionate component in supporting the body, mind, heart and soul. Tara believes yoga is the ultimate tool for personal and spiritual growth. Her goal is to share and inspire others to integrate yoga into the realities of daily life and trust the true teacher within their own hearts. “It is the infinitely deep layers of yoga relating to union of mind, breath, body, and spirit that fascinate and inspire me to practice and teach.".
Diana Pobreski 

Kirti Jotdeva Kaur (spiritual name)– The angelic and radiant Princess/Lioness of God who is recognized and honored for her sacred work in life, inspiring and elevating others.

Kirti Jotdeva found her way to yoga through her own personal healing journey as well as her professional work as a licensed social worker where she focused on gaining clinical skills to assist in healing trauma using Mind, Body and Spirit modalities.  During graduate school she attended a Mindfullness Based  training at The Omega Institute taught by Susan Woods and Zindel Segal PhD where she was introduced to mindful yoga and began practicing and teaching this to her patients in inpatient and outpatient behavioral health settings which at the time was not yet mainstream in the field.

In 2011 while attending a training in Mind Body Skills at the Center for Mind Body Medicine in Washington, D. C., Kirit Jotdeva attended her first Kundalini Yoga class and experienced a powerful calling to learn this work to heal herself and then share this powerful technology with those she worked with someday.  That night she set an intention that one day she would become a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga instructor.  In 2019 (and only through Devine Intervention) she attended the Kundalini Yoga Level One Teacher Training through The Soul of Yoga in San Diago, CA and was able to accomplish her soul mission of becoming Yoga Alliance and KRI certified.  Shortly after completing her certification, she began teaching Kundalini Yoga at Eight Limbs, but just a few short weeks later the world experienced a Global Shutdown. This placed her teaching on hold but led the way for her to embark on a two-year deep spiritual journey of awakening and transitioning from the 3D to the 5D that continues today.  She believes that now is the time to return to teaching and help humanity ascend as spiritual beings now residing in The Age of Aquarius that began in March 2023, with powerful tools such as Kundalini Yoga and Tantric Numerology.

In addition to teaching yoga, Kirit Jodeva works in her private practice offering an array of services including developing and interpreting personalized Tantric Numerology reports for clients along with designing personal sadhana practices based on their numerology.  She also homeschools her children, is learning about homesteading, dabbling in gardening and food prepping. She is excited to return to teaching to help others raise their  vibration and together positivity influence the collective consciousness.





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Margaret Ulrich

My yoga journey began right here in Lakewood at the YMCA taking classes with Eight Limbs owner, Danielle Devine. These early experiences guided me toward a personal spiritual practice of Buddhism and seeking out yoga communities all over the world. I spent time in India and Cambodia studying yoga, meditation and reiki to deepen my practice and develop my teaching style. 

After working for several years as the Wellness Director for resorts in Cambodia, I settled into calling myself the “cozy practitioner” and focused on sharing practices that relieved built-up stress in the body. I combined techniques of restful meditation, called yoga nidra, with restorative yoga and gentle healing touch to allow the body, mind and spirit to deeply rest. 

I focus on making my classes accessible to all people, so I also have certificates in trauma-informed yoga, yoga for grief and yoga for the older beginner. Yoga is so much more than just the poses, so I hope you’ll join me for an opportunity to explore the gentler journey within.


Angelina Stewart 

At a young age I always felt a great need to help others. 15yrs ago I started making candles. 2 years later I then created a lotion candle that has lots of benefits for your skin. I infuse vitamins and botanical oils into all of them. Plus I only use essential oils for the scent giving each candle an healing properties through both body application and aromatherapy. Over time I learned and had so many beautiful experiences with like minded people at events I had been to selling candles. My spiritual awareness began to grow and I realized sound healing kept popping up in my life, everywhere through about every direction it possibly could. The universe was really screaming this one at me. This world I didn't know existed came to life before more eyes. So I dove in studied for just over a year and became a certified Sound Healing therapist. I took 1 course though Udemy Academy and decided I needed to know more. I then went on and took 2 different master courses and became a Sound Healing Practitioner through Tom Llewellyn and the CTAA. I also studied under Jim Donovan. My goal is to help others find their light and live their best life. While performing a sound bath I use my intuition and spirit guides me. This makes each sound bath unique and different. I've never written my own bio lol it's that ok? I'll get you some pictures soon too This is how I explain sound healing Most physical, mental and emotional problems are caused by some level of stuck energy that crystallize in our bodies creating more serious illnesses like pain, anxiety, depression, etc. What sound healing does is send invisible vibrations through the body that pinpoint and shatter stuck blockages of suppressed energy. Just like how you see vibrations move through water, they also move through our bodies the same way as we are made up of mostly water. Sounds healing helps to create positive changes in your body , well being and overall life. Sound healing is an effective and natural way to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Science has even proven sound healing is effective to treat a wide variety of conditions, both physical and mental through research and studies.


Grace Larson

Throughout their life, Grace has always loved movement. They grew up dancing in their home studio every day and practicing yoga recreationally with their mom, a fellow yoga lover. They studied at Slippery Rock University where they earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance with a concentration of Studio Ownership and Dance Entrepreneurship. During their time at SRU, Grace earned their Yoga Alliance 200-hr certification and has been teaching yoga at different locations. In January 2023, Grace went to Troncones, Mexico to intern under their Yoga Teacher Training teacher, Linda Meacci during the Seek the Sun 2023 yoga retreat. At the retreat, Grace gained knowledge on yoga for older bodies through the use of props. One day, Grace hopes to own and operate a studio where they can advocate for inclusion and spread their love for movement, wellness, and creative expression through dance, yoga, and any other things they may dive into.

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