In the yoga studio, we believe that yoga is about your own journey. All of the yoga classes offered at Eight Limbs are appropriate for all levels. You can make the asana practice as easy or difficult as you want with slight modifications. Our teachers are there to offer guidance and assistance when needed. Drop in's are welcome and encouraged!

The yoga studio provides mats, straps, blocks, bolsters and blankets. You are welcome to use our props and mats. If using a mat, please clean it with the available natural mat spray after use. Hygeine is an important aspect of the yogic lifestyle.

If you are a new student, you can download and print this waiver before your first class!

*If you are pregnant and have never tried yoga, please check with your doctor before attending yoga class.

Yoga insructors reserve the right to restrict an individual's participation in a class based on student assesment to ensure safety.

Yoga Schedule

Basically Beginning: Level 1

All students welcome

An introduction to the fundamentals of yoga. This class works on developing clear and safe alignment in poses. Join in to learn about foundations of yoga in a supportive environment. 

Eclectic Essentials: Level 1+

All students welcome

A class built around an evolving yoga journey using a combination of poses with a focus on basic alignment. Mindfulness, breath, and movement are utilized to provide great stretch and strength components for the body.


Yinspired Deep Stretch: Level 1

All students welcome

A passive practice focusing on releasing the fascial and connective tissues of the body where poses are held for 3-5 minutes. The utilization of various props allows the student to reach a healthy "edge" to slowly liberate tissue spaces to assist with flexibiliy. 


Go With The Flow - Flow Yoga: Level 2

All students welcome (prior yoga or cardio experience helpful) 

A combination of poses that strengthen the ability to transition from one situation or pose to another. Linking movement and breath, flow yoga allows for the continuance of fluidity, flexibility and strength to your yoga practice.


Shake Your Asana; Ashtanga Style: Level 2+

All students welcome (prior yoga or cardio experience helpful)

Based on the Ashtanga Yoga System, an energetic, heat producing series of poses that builds strength along with flexibility. Utilizing sun salutations and connected movements with breath, this class will build your practice and keep you in the present moment.


The Restoration Project - Restorative Yoga: Level 1

All students welcome

A gentle and meditative class utilizing various props to support and encourage the body to open and release physical and emotional tightness. To work on body restoration, this class alows the poses to be explored for longer periods of time to counteract the effects of an active life while calming the mind and body of daily stress.


Traditional Yin: Level 1

All students welcome

Yin yoga targets the connective tissue such as ligaments, tendons, joint capsules and even the bones of the body. This class will focus on the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Yin is a perfect compliment to the dynamic and muscular styles of yoga that emphasize internal heat and lengthening.


Advancing Alignment: Level 2

All students welcome (prior yoga or cardio experience helpful)

This class is designed to provide the student with a variety of standing and seated poses focusing on proper alignment of the body's structures. It is meant to push you further into your yoga journey with a mind body connection between asanas and breath while advancing your yoga practice.



All students welcome 

Kundalini and meditation, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is a powerful, transformative, and concentrated yoga of breath, mantra, and movement. The KUNDALINI ENERGY is the energy of the soul and when it awakens, it rises up the the spine which elevates the person to their true identity. The playing of the GONG further resonates our old thought forms and old ways of being, cleansing them out of the system. HAPPINESS IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT! Join us for practice, and discover your inner radiance.


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