Danielle Devine
I'm a graduate of West Virginia University, I studied Athletic Training and Sport Psychology. After graduation I worked at a PT clinic in Phoenix, AZ. I worked side by side with Physical Therapists who I learned hands on modalities from. We treated acute and chronic disfunctions. I continued on with my education at Southwest Institute for the healing arts in Tempe, AZ, where I received my Massage education and my first yoga training. I completed my second YTT at the Studio Panterra in Westfield, NY. I learned the importance of alignment and use of props to make poses more accessible for ALL students. I will always be a student of the practice and I am deeply grateful for all the teachers who came before us who practice and shared the loving wisdom of yoga. In my classes, I love to combine creative sequencing that builds upon itself to help the body & mind find space, a spirit of playfulness, and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice. I seek to help others thrive in life by nurturing body, mind, and soul with yoga techniques and bodywork. My hope is that you step off the mat or table feeling refreshed, nourished, and balanced.
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Sandy Anderson

Sandra Anderson has been a LMT for 7 years and has worked at Eight Limbs for the past 7 of those years. She specializes in Therapeutic massage and also offers Swedish massage and Hot Stone Therapy. Sandra received her education at Great Lakes Institute of Technology in Erie, Pa. She is currently receiving education at the Ulan Institute in Clearwater Florida for a professional level completion of advanced clinical traning in nutrition response. Sandra and her husband Bradley Anderson are life long residents of Chautauqua County where they raised two daughters. Sandra is a graduate of Maple Grove High School Class of 1979 and she attended Jamestown Community College with a concentration in math & science. Sandra and family have followed the principles of living a healthy lifestyle and believes Massage Therapy plays a large role in one's wellness program.


Don Jon Kostorowski

        Warm greetings

My name is Don Jon and I am thrilled and grateful to be part of the Eight Limbs Family. I am passionate about massage and the healing arts, and wish to assist others as much as possible to improve their quality of life. I’m a graduate from The Finger Lakes School of Massage. My therapeutic massage modalities include deep tissue, trigger point therapy, swedish, Thai and prenatal massage. I specialize in deep tissue, trigger point and Thai and have a special affinity for the back, neck and shoulder regions. My self-cultivation practices include, meditation, internal martial arts and qigong, all of which informs the holistic approach to my massage approach and technique

I look forward to working with you. 














Mike Ferrino

Mike graduated from Finger Lakes School of Massage Therapy in Ithaca NY in 2011.  I specialise in Myofacial Release.  I start each session off by looking at the pelvic structure to help open and release the Ilopsoas complex.  By releasing the Psoas the pelvis can find balance and release lower back tension.  Mike is the strongest deepest of our therapist and enjoys helping his clients release tension and stress to allow for relaxation and ease of the breathe.  You can book with Mike online.




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Lisa Margaret

Lisa Margaret is an energy rebalancer she uses energy healing methods from different modalities including her own experience of healing with guidance. Margaret is a Certified Angelic Healing practitioner, Certified Reiki practitioner, and a Certified Emotion Code and Certified Body Code Practitioner. Margaret has a Bachelor’s in Holistic Wellness with a minor in Art Therapy. She is a Certified Life Essentials Coach; a 2- year intensive from the John F. Kennedy University with a specialization in Shadow Work and has a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology with a minor in Spiritual Counseling.

Her offerings include:

Chakra clearing and rebalancing & 

Along With Emotion Code/Body Code Technique


These techniques help with
Heartwall clearing
Spirit break recovery and re-connection
Releasing trauma energy
Releasing imbalances related to physical ailments

*This  technique is guided by client’s preference of hands over or laying hands on technique




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Margaret Ulrich

As someone who struggled with mental health during my late teens and into my mid-20s, reiki gave me relief I hadn’t found through traditional talk therapy or yoga alone. This somatic practice became a central part of my life when I was certified, or attuned, at the Level 1 individual practice in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I continued studying under the guidance of Dr. Aki Lalani in Cambodia and England to develop my skills and attune at the master level. I am honored to have shared this practice for nearly 10 years, providing individual treatments, group reiki shares and training of all levels to people all over the world. I have assisted people with digestive issues, grief, overwhelm and simply for relaxation to provide an intentional space for rest and recovery. I invite you to experience this healing practice and offer yourself some well deserved nurturing. 

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